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Mark Brenner

brenner Dr. Mark Brenner
Professor of Geological Sciences
Director of LUECI
Phone: (352) 392-2231
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I am a limnologist/paleolimnologist with special interests in tropical and subtropical lakes and watersheds. My research and teaching address interactions among climate, environment, and humans. I’ve done fieldwork in Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, Haiti, Dominican Republic, China, Cambodia, and Florida. I serve as Director of the Land Use and Environmental Change Institute and I am Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Paleolimnology.

Courses Taught:

PCB 5307c Limnology
GLY 6932 Paleolimnology
SWS 6932/4932 Perspectives in Florida Lake Management

UF in Merida (UF Overseas Study – in Yucatan, Mexico)

GLY 4930 Tropical Ecology
GLY 4930 Humans and the Environment of the Yucatan Peninsula

International Short Courses

Paleolimnology – Earth-Ocean System Sciences Departamento de Geoquimica, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Outeiro de Sao Joao Batista s/no., Centro, Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Paleolimnology – Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla, Colombia.

Selected Recent Publications:

WF Kenney, M Brenner, TE Arnold, JH Curtis, CL Schelske. 2016. Sediment cores from shallow lakes preserve reliable, informative paleoenvironmental archives despite hurricane-force winds. Ecological Indicators 60, 963-969

PMJ Douglas, M Brenner, JH Curtis. 2015. Methods and future directions for paleoclimatology in the Maya Lowlands. Global and Planetary Change

MF Rosenmeier, M Brenner, DA Hodell, JB Martin, JH Curtis, MW Binford. 2015. A model of the 4000-year paleohydrology (δ 18 O) record from Lake Salpetén, Guatemala. Global and Planetary Change

GP Dietl, SM Kidwell, M Brenner, DA Burney, KW Flessa, ST Jackson, … 2015. Conservation paleobiology: Leveraging knowledge of the past to inform conservation and restoration. Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences 43 (1)

PMJ Douglas, M Pagani, MA Canuto, M Brenner, DA Hodell, TI Eglinton, … 2015. Drought, agricultural adaptation, and sociopolitical collapse in the Maya Lowlands. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (18), 5607-5612

MN Waters, CL Schelske, M Brenner. 2015. Cyanobacterial dynamics in shallow Lake Apopka (Florida, USA) before and after the shift from a macrophyte‐dominated to a phytoplankton‐dominated state. Freshwater Biology

PMJ Douglas, M Pagani, TI Eglinton, M Brenner, DA Hodell, JH Curtis, … 2014. Pre-aged plant waxes in tropical lake sediments and their influence on the chronology of molecular paleoclimate proxy records. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 141, 346-364

J Lorenschat, L Pérez, A Correa-Metrio, M Brenner, U von Bramann, … 2014. Diversity and Spatial Distribution of Extant Freshwater Ostracodes (Crustacea) in Ancient Lake Ohrid (Macedonia/Albania). Diversity 6 (3), 524-550

TE Arnold, M Brenner, JH Curtis, A Dutton, SM Baker, JH Escobar, … 2014. Application of stable isotopes ([delta]^ sup 18^ O) to determine growth patterns of the invasive gastropod Pomacea maculata in Florida lakes. Florida Scientist 77 (3), 126

MI Velez, J Escobar, M Brenner, O Rangel, A Betancourt, AJ Jaramillo, … 2014. Middle to late Holocene relative sea level rise, climate variability and environmental change along the Colombian Caribbean coast. The Holocene, 0959683614534740

WF Kenney, TJ Whitmore, DG Buck, M Brenner, JH Curtis, JJ Di, … 2014. Whole-basin, mass-balance approach for identifying critical phosphorus-loading thresholds in shallow lakes. Journal of paleolimnology 51 (4), 515-528

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L Pérez, J Curtis, M Brenner, D Hodell, J Escobar, S Lozano, A Schwalb. 2013. Stable isotope values (δ 18 O & δ 13 C) of multiple ostracode species in a large Neotropical lake as indicators of past changes in hydrology. Quaternary Science Reviews 66, 96-111

M Brenner, WF Kenney. 2013. Dating Wetland Sediment Cores. Methods in Biogeochemistry of Wetlands, 879-900

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