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The Florida Institute of Paleoenvironmental Research (FLIPER) provides fee for service for the paleoenvironmental analysis of sediment cores from lake, wetland, and marine sites. We analyze samples for scientists and students from a variety of departments at the University of Florida in addition to many US and international universities and institutions.

The main equipment in FLIPER used in the paleoenvironmental analysis includes the following instruments:

  • Bran-Luebbe Autoanalyzers for phosphorus, nitrogen and silica analyses
  • EG & G Ortec well-type gamma detectors for 210Pb dating and 226Ra environmental radiation measurements

For a full list of FLIPER equipment, please see the LUECI facilities.


Prices and turnaround times vary.  Please contact William Kenney for more information.


Price List of Services at FLIPER.

Service Internal Price External Price
Freeze-Drying (per load) $100 $125
Loss on Ignition (per sample) $10 $15
Nitrogen Analysis (per sample) $15 $20
Phosphorus Analysis (per sample) $15 $20
Silica Analysis (per sample) $15 $20
Diatom Biogenic Silica (per sample) $45 $60
Sponge Spicule Biogenic Silica (per sample) $100 $125
Pb-210, Cs-137 & Ra-226 (per sample) $150 $175

Updated 2-11-2015, prices subject to change.